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from scott edward phelps...the top rated, award winning creator/producer/host of " the audiophlies", "the boomer show" and "sep"....

hits and hidden treasures....

at a sublime speed of sound...

lotta great music to be found at...

45 rpm

everything new again...

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...missed it by that much, vol.1 ...

missed it by that much, vol. 1
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the archives

the one with dad's beatle buzz
the one in silhouettes
spoiler alert, vol. 1
the one with raphael's riff
the one with mary unovsky
the one called riffin' USA
the one with no words
unsung heroes--billy strange
the one where the third time's not the charm
the one pickin up good inspirations
the one where the hills are alive with the sound of movies
the one that's not just the same old summer
the one where everybody loves some buddy
the one with john, paul, george, ringo...and ed
the one that comes up short
survey says, vol. 1
the one that's double O different
mystery maestros, vol. 1
unsung heroes--unsung no more
the one where we connect the dots...and the whole notes
b is for beatles
everything i know about music, i leanred from the beatles
we got ya covered, mate
the one where the doctor is in
the one where folks monkee around
close, but no cigar, vol. 1
the one with brian's songs
name that tunesmith, vol. 1
the one that says goodbye hello
name that tunesmith, vol. 2
the one where you come for the singles, stay for the songwriter
the one with songs that make no sense, vol. 1
name that tunesmith, vol. 3
the one with songs from abbey road, not the album, vol. 1
the eyes have it, vol. 1
the one with the songs you've been getting wrong, vol. 1
the one with bette davis eyes
the one about obsolecense...
the one with all the answers, vol 1
the one about my garage bands, vol 1
the one about planes, trains and automobiles, vol 1
the one that splains the names
the one with the medley of their greatest hit, vol. 1
the one with the ones from the ones I've talked to
the one with the ones you probably haven't heard
the one with the ones that they did, not them
the one that's chock full of diamonds
the one made up mostly of mismatches
the one that proves it could be worse, vol. 1
the one with the bible beat
the one where the novelty hasn't worn off
the one with carol kaye
the one that's downright criminal, vol. 1
the one where the boys are
the one with the cold starts, vol. 1
the one with don't play that, play this
the one with the flutes
the one with wham bam
the one with roy and dale
the one with songs that wouldn't fly
the one with oh, yeah, they did that, too, vol. 1
the one about firsts
the one with great beginnings, vol 1
the one with the pre-fab four
the one from my hometown radio, vol. 2
the one inside city limits
the one with the what abouts
the one with meet the beatles...not
the one with the beatles...not
the one with billy and carol
the one with my garage band, vol. 1
the one with a prodigious dose of dylan
the one with lots of linda
survey says, vol. 4
the one that's just about murder
the one sharing the segments
the one with songs from the radio about radio
the one with planes, trains, automobiles and boats, vol 2
naughty, naughty, the ones considered politically incorrect
the one with covers and conundrums
the ones that tell a story, vol. 1
nashville notes--bob moore
russ's favorite covers, vol. 1
russ's favorite covers, vol. 2
russ's favorite covers, vol. 4
the best of the sad, vol. 1
fourteen songs and their stories
master's series-leland sklar
musical miscellany, volume 1
musical miscellany, vol 2
monkees more...and less
the episode of the year(s)
the one where the third place is not the charm
eclectic avenue, vol. 1
title tracks...after the fact
nashville notes--monument records
fuggedaboutit, vol. 1
moonlight melodies, vol. 1
guess who, vol. 1
flea market music, vol. 1
1965-From A To Z, Vol. 1
what a way to go, vol. 1
just dropped in, vol. 1
1966-From A To Z, Volume One A to N WavPad Mix FOR AIR
flea market music, vol. 2
the one with rubber soul...not
unheard of, vol. 2
guess who, vol. 2
the shindig story, vol. 1
we gotcha backup, right heah, vol. 1
the sound of silence
revolver reimagined
master's series-lamont dozier
the moon, the stars and for some fun, the sun
please please me (not)
with the beatles...without the beatles
the one going through phases, vol. 1
the one sharing the segments, vol. 2
the one that's really groovy, man
ladies only, vol. 1
survey says, vol. 5
russ's favorite covers, vol. 3
shameless self promotion, vol. 1
the beatles, not the beatles, vol.1
different drums..the music of michael nesmith
the one with the lesser knowns from the very well knonw
i now pronounce thee, vol. 1
tracks with commentary tracks. vol. 1
tracks with commentary tracks, vol. 2
the songs of mann and weil
tracks with commentary tracks, vol. 3
their first time, vol. 1
unheard of, vol. 1
it's a family affair, vol. 1
shameless self promotion, vol. 2
crosby, sly and sweet potato pie
spoiler alert, vol. 2
Mr Zimmerman With A "D"
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